Exhibition / Gallery Cipango / Paris


\”Yoshimi Futamura lets us see the possibility of a world in which the works are at the origin of their own movement. Cracked, crossed by hollows and broken pieces, matter comes alive according to laws that exceed those of artifice. Worked by the gestures of the artist, the earth turns in turn bud, bark or volcanic crater: it lends itself to the game of metamorphoses.

By abandoning itself to the rhythm of the fissures and furrows that material digs, the eye of the spectator reconnects with an original universe, vegetable and mineral. It is in a long breath, imprinted with its curves, that the ceramic tells us about the time of the living.

From May 18 to July 3, Galerie Cipango presents the ceramics of Yoshimi Futamura.
Between Japanese tradition and Western avant-garde, the contemporary ceramist is part of the continuation of the movement Sodeisha (1948) initiated by Kazuo Yagi offering purely sculptural works. His work is present in many museums and institutions in France and abroad.



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