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The artist will lead with the students and students of the REP + network of Frais-Marais a project entitled \”Kioku\” (memoirs). She will also meet and work with the network\’s partners: Arkeos, the Douai School of Art, the city of Douai, the Non-Lieu association and the social center, with whom she will organize a creative journey.


Meeting with Yoshimi Futamura, contemporary ceramist, artist residency at Frais-Marais

Yoshimi Futamura, a contemporary ceramist of international renown, came to meet 140 students from the Gayant network in Frais-Marais. In artist\’s residency until May 28, she will create with the children a large-scale collective work that will be exhibited at the Arkéos museum.

Born in Nagoya, Japan, Yoshimi Futamura studied ceramics before continuing her training in Paris, where she quickly settled and opened her studio a few years later. His works are exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. One of them had also found its place at the museum Arkéos on the occasion of the exhibition \”De Briques …\” This passion for ceramics, she cultivated since childhood. And it was only at fourteen that she made the decision to make it her job, against the advice of her parents.

The work of the earth

Yoshimi Futamura works the land according to the tradition of the great Japanese masters.

\”In Japan, we consider that the earth is alive, it represents a god, like every element of nature. \”

In his art, three elements are essential: the oven, the technique and the earth. Land she handles with delicacy and respect: \”In Japan, we consider that the earth is alive, it represents a god, like every element of nature. Sometimes, during the cooking of my works, I pray, and at the opening of the oven, I discover a result that exceeds my expectations. Asked about her sources of inspiration, the artist evokes her deep respect for nature and her passion for traveling.

A unique experience

Yoshimi Futamura particularly appreciated his discovery of the ancient mining cities, whose brick architecture echoes his work: \”In Japan, our houses are very different\”. For her first visit to a mining country, the ceramist chose to work with children: \”their spontaneity and creativity bring me great pleasure, I hope to have a lot of exchanges with them\”. It is in collaboration with 140 students of the network Gayant de Frais-Marais that she will realize a great collective work on the theme of the memory through the press, which will be exposed to the museum Arkéos as of May 28th.

She told them about her native country, her artistic career, her sources of inspiration, her techniques …
\”Kioku\” will be a large wall composed of clay plates. Each participant, having kneaded the earth and made his plate, will leave in the earth the trace of his hand and at the same time his positive energy. Pieces of newspaper articles will also be placed on the plates because for Yoshimi Futamura: \”the newspaper means everything in our society: politics, economy, sport, good and bad news. After baking the plates, we obviously can not read them but it remains like a memory in the earth. This week, the artist met the students, parents, school choristers, Blaedies of the social center. She told them about her native country, her artistic career, her sources of inspiration, her techniques …

Creative workshops

The audience was very attentive, interested and curious. Creative workshops will begin next week at Arkéos Museum. \”It\’s the third wall I\’m creating, but Douai\’s Kioku will be the most beautiful! Says Yoshimi Futamura. The opening of the collective work will take place Monday, May 28 at the Arkéos auditorium in the presence of Yoshimi Futamura and the public who participated.

By then, it\’s a unique experience that awaits the children of Frais-Marais.

This artist\’s residency is co-financed by the Gayant College (Equal Opportunities Foundation), the City of Douai, the Department of the North and the CAD.


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